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For over a decade, CSW has been one of the largest independent Loud Speaker manufactures in Canada. Manufacturing cabinets and drivers allows quick delivery to satisfy your customer needs. All CSW Loud Speaker cabinets are available in custom colors to meet your customers design criteria.

New Dealers

CSW Pro a leading, diversified company, with international sales. Professional Local Speaker manufacturing with great support ethics.

We bring product solutions : CSW I-3, SW-218, SM-6, CSW SW-12 and the 18A driver.

Sales: Gary Anderson gary@cswpro.ca
Repair/Technical: Mike Ali
Sales and Technical:shane@cswpro.ca

Woodshop: Rohan W, Jared H
General inquires: info@cswpro.ca
Driver inquires: Sean C
Cabinet design/building: Dave P
Acounting: Andrea S


18 Edvac Dr, Unit 4, Brampton, Ontario, Canada, L6S 5P2 Office: 905-458-5194 Fax: 905-458-9422

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