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Truck pack

Our ergonomic pack design works in all methods of transportation from panel vans to 18 wheelers. Our high output SW-218 will have you customer more than satisfied with less floor space taken up and half the amps from your stock.
Why spend double your cash flow!!!!

Lead Release Technology

Are you sick of Sub woofer re-cones?
CSW Low frequency drivers are equipped with Lead Release Technology (LRT). The LRT will not allow the 18-A driver to exceed 3”of excursion, in a case where this occurs simply solder the Leads back on..
No need to re-cone!!!

Rear Hemisphere Rejection

As a family member you will love our Rear Hemisphere Rejection (RHR) approximately -12dB at rear.
Our natural RHR allows you to position the subs, fire them up and start the show. Forget about intense DSP, delays, complex measurements and weird looking stacks!!!
After all why should you spend 10K on a Low Frequency cabinet just to face it backwards??????

the black box SPL