I could talk at length about how the SW-218 is the loudest, most powerful sub with the most low-end I’ve ever heard. How I have seen them subjected to unthinkable abuse that has easily destroyed many lesser subs. How its tight hyper-cardioid pattern has made life easier on gigs when a stack of them has been parked right next to the monitor position. But all these factors are really secondary to the most important question: How does it sound??


When it comes right down to it, that’s what is going to make or break your mix. I have heard subs that have impressive output, but they just bark and distort when you really push them hard. I’ve had to fight with subs that have a very limited frequency response which leaves you with holes in the low-end of your mix. Still others that have a good frequency response and sound very clean, but their output just doesn’t keep up. I have pushed the SW-218 to ridiculous levels and even when the amp is being starved for power and any other sub would shred its drivers to pieces, the SW-218 is still producing perfectly clean tones with no distortion. I have used the SW-218 on a huge variety of gigs and it always allows me to put the emphasis in my kick wherever I want it. From 20Hz(Yes I said 20Hz) to 200Hz, the SW-218 delivers it all with even response and perfectly clean tone.

”Jeremy - Systems Engineer

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