CSW Products

All are manufactured by us here at Canadian Speaker Works.

All CSW products are tested, free from defects and to the best of our knowledge all products are in good working condition.

Upon leaving our manufacturing facility in Canada the products are serialized for future tracking references.
CSW Products are covered for three years under manufactures warranty.
CSW reserves the right to make changes, improvements to manufacturing without assuming any obligation to change products previously manufactured.

CSW warranty is an exclusive entity within our facility and will not conduct warranty for other products.

CSW will not cover any incidentals for losses due to event cancelation, rent for equipment replacement, loss of profit, Third party customer profit loss or indirect incurred losses.

3 year warranty policy

Products Subject to warranty must be returned to an authorized in your local area. All products shipped must be pre paid, once received the dealer will inspect the unit in question. At which point a new product will be returned to you.
CSW may choose to null and void, if any of the products are subject to the following:
-Repair attempt or alteration by anyone other than an authorized service dealer
-Physical damage such as shipping or accidents
-Incorrect connection
-Operation with faulty equipment
-Weather conditions
-Normal wear and tear
-Upon the removal of serial numbers or ineligible serial numbers will void warranty service.