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Product Details

The Flagship CSW SW-218 is a Double 18”, passive true subwoofer. Built with rugged ¾” 13 ply Russian birch and finished with the most rugged truck bed liner available Line-X. This earth shattering double 18 will outperform current similar products at least two to one & naturally inherits a cardioid pattern of -12dB at the rear. (RHR) Rear Hemisphere Rejection.

Our Maximum SPL has measured 137dB Peak. Each CSW Black Box is housed with 2 18A drivers is with Lead Release Technology (LRT). The LRT will not allow the 18-A driver to exceed 3”of excursion.

The SW-218
Frequency Response
  • The SW-218 Specifications


      • Nominal Impedance: Parallel: 4 Ohms or 8 ohms x 2
      • Dimensions: 47” Length x 23” Width 28” Deep
      • Power Capacity: Continuous / Peak-Parallel: 2,828W RMS from 20Hz-120Hz /3,500W
      • Frequency Range: 15 Hz – 160 Hz (–10 dB)
      • Maximum SPL: 137dB  SPL peak

      • Recommend Cross over Frequencies: 90 Hz, 48 dB/octave LPF & 20Hz, 12 dB
      • DC Resistance: 3.6 ohms ± 10%
      • Transducer: woofer with Ceramic-magnet & Copper Clad voice coil
      • System Sensitivity: Passive Mode 101dB SPL (1 watt @ 1 meter)

    Virtually indestructible, the SW-218 has been outfitted with a North American Manufactured grill. CSW’s 12ga metal fabricated grills have a 96% open area, laser cut, powder coated automotive black and consist of a 2 fold return bend for extra durability.

  • SW-218 Sensitivity

    black box Sensitivity

     SW-218 SPL

    the black box SPL

    SW-218 Impedance Curve


    Outdoor, Mic (4007) on the ground, 2m away from the front of the box. 10 FFT averages, 683ms impulse long (1.5Hz resolution), arrival time approx. 5.8ms, 50-150ms (window resolution is approx. 11.7Hz) Sensitivity 20-160Hz is 104.7dB (1W/1m) – ground plane measurement 4.17VRMS sine wave -10dB at 20Hz -3dB at 45Hz

Featured product

The SW-218 is a large format PA subwoofer. Designed to perform under all weather elements & augments with all musical applications. Loaded with 2 CSW’s 18A drivers (Made in Canada) handles abuse from today’s high power amplifiers and matches perfectly HF cabinets of all sorts. The Total power handling of this SW-218 is a blistering 2828W RMS from 20Hz-120Hz.